What A Woman Wants


I believe your face has the right to its best features: glowing complexion, shiny hair, sparkling eyes, sensual lips.  To help you achieve an outer beauty that matches your inner grace, we will collaborate to determine which features need enhancement.  You may decide to make only incremental improvements, or embark on an all-out makeover.  We can achieve this goal via either make-up lessons or my program on anti-aging.  In most cases, my extensive expertise allows me to help you capture a look, a face that could launch a thousand ships without having to refer you to other experts during the process.  The result is reduced cost to you.  The knowledge you gain from this experience is indeed invaluable, as it lasts a lifetime.


As an exceedingly organized person with a keen fashion sense, I am qualified to help you "shop" your closet, an action particularly prudent in these lean times.  I will assess your existing wardrobe, based on its usefulness.  To this end, we might need to go shopping together.  Imagine the excitement!  The goal is to create a closet chockful of clothes and accessories that work together - they fit, flatter, and flaunt YOUR style.  Getting dressed will take less time, and you no longer waste money on mismatched outfits, or accessories. Best of all, your days of stressing over what to wear are over.  You save money and  time, and gain peace of mind - all while looking fabulous.  Definitely a winning combination!


If you feel the need to lose a few pounds, I will lead you through my own diet-free, time-honored, result-proven weight loss program, developed and refined over ten years.  The program is based on a completely natural method, employing neither quack-herbs, nor medication.  Strenuous exercise is not required, and there are several stages to help you lose the extra weight as a beginner, an intermediate, or a finalist.  You decide which stage, and I will help you target a goal and achieve that new body.  In my system, a finalist strives to reach a size 2!

Make your resolution a new way of life!
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